a Charging Station for Your Optic Nerves. . .

medeyetations on pauses in vision, where
objects offer to tell their own tales, where
images are observed, listened to, felt, where
eyes exhale and blink in recognition.

"International Color Awards" - 10th Year Anniversary Edition.

"2plus2", Honorable Mention - Abstract

6,178 entries from 75 countries.

"Salon at the Triton" Exhibition - includes two of my newest photographs

"Sign Language" & "Curb @ 10:30am"

“Sign Language” in particular knocked me out.
The lovely background shapes play a kind of straight-man chorus
to the naked, startled, embarrassed signs. . .
- Nick Eldredge

March 11 through April 23, 2017


Once I was told:

"Stan, you have the ability to find and express the calmness and depth of a Zen garden in your visions of the mundane." - Carl Tassi

"I admire your ability to see beyond what most people would consider the mundane." - Jim McKinniss