a Charging Station for Your Optic Nerves. . .

medeyetations on pauses in vision, where
objects offer to tell their own tales, where
images are observed, listened to, felt, where
eyes exhale and blink in recognition.

"23rd Annual Juried Photography Exhibit" - Fremont, California

"One or more" of my photographs (they're being coy, before the reception) has been accepted for the 23rd Annual Juried Photography Exhibit in Fremont, California. Reception on April 29th from 6:30p-8:30p at the Fremont Main Library.

Thank you Fremont Cultural Arts Council, Fremont Community Services Department, and the Fremont Photographic Society! Exhibit runs from April 30th thru June 3rd, at the Fremont Main Library.

Will post more details, following the reception.

"The Curated Fridge" - 2017 Spring Show

two of my photographs curated onto the Fridge

"International Color Awards" - 10th Year Anniversary Edition.

"2plus2", Honorable Mention - Abstract

6,178 entries from 75 countries.

"Salon at the Triton" Exhibition - includes two of my newest photographs

"Sign Language" & "Curb @ 10:30am"

"Curb" was awarded "Third Place", Photography


“Sign Language” in particular knocked me out.
The lovely background shapes play a kind of straight-man chorus
to the naked, startled, embarrassed signs. . .
- Nick Eldredge

March 11 through April 23, 2017


Once I was told:

"Stan, you have the ability to find and express the calmness and depth of a Zen garden in your visions of the mundane." - Carl Tassi

"I admire your ability to see beyond what most people would consider the mundane." - Jim McKinniss